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The Fresh Coinu

A golf trip

I've been playing golf in France a lot lately. It's a really nice environment actually. It's great for golfing, thats for sure. But I've been alone when playing there. So thins time I'm thinking of taking some friends with me. I think that it'll be much more fun if I'm not alone. So I'm going to ask around a bit to see if someone's interested in a golf trip. Maybe I'll teach someone to play some golf. I've never done that before. So I might take someone who doesn't know how to play golf with me to teach them.

Modern ways

I like the new more modern ways of providing information in public places. Nowadays they are often interactive tv that provides a the latest information or to have them digital signs that constantly displays the latest times for departures and so on depending on where you are. It feels like these digital systems are better because it's easier to update them and so. But then of course everything is that there is a screen and breaking a fail then there will be little bit of a problem. And then you have to go back to the old system..